Website Updates

Website Updates

Digital Wave offers a simple pay-as-you-go pricing for website updates and customizations. Pricing is based on the type of updates and the total time required for the update. You pay only when updates are needed without any long term contracts.


  • Rs.500 for 15 minutes
  • Rs.1,000 for 30 minutes
  • Rs.1,500 for 45 minutes
  • Rs.2,000 for 60 minutes
  • Basic HTML and CSS
  • Add / Change Text
  • Add / Replace Images
  • Add / Modify Links

Design and Layout

  • Rs.1,000 for 15 minutes
  • Rs.2,000 for 30 minutes
  • Rs.3,000 for 45 minutes
  • Rs.4,000 for 60 minutes
  • HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Modify Layout
  • Change Colours
  • Add / Edit Image Sliders
  • Add New Web Page
  • Add Files For Download
  • Add / Edit Pop Ups
  • Add / Edit Meta Data


  • Rs.2,000 for 15 minutes
  • Rs.4,000 for 30 minutes
  • Rs.6,000 for 45 minutes
  • Rs.8,000 for 60 minutes
  • PHP, MySQL and more...
  • Add / Customize Contact Forms
  • Template Modifications
  • Create Custom Modules / Elements
  • Database Storage Modifications
  • Servers Side Programming
  • Add Customized Features

Note: Content (text, images, etc.) for all updates must be provided by the client in the correct format.

How it works?
1) Email us the details of the updates needed on your website, along with the content (text, images etc.).

2) We will share with you the actual total time it will take for our web engineers to complete the updates and the total cost for the same (as per the prices mentioned above). We will also tell you the estimated time by which the updates will be made live on your website.

3) You give us a go ahead, and then our web engineers complete the updates as per your requirement.

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